Sadogoat - Malleus Malificarum

  • Artist: Sadogoat
  • Category: Rock
  • Name: Malleus Malificarum
  • Size: 829mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


A1 Intro: Perfection Of The Pentagram
A2 Delusional Necrotic Carnage
A3 The Age Of The Golden Goat
A4 Holocaustal Slaughter Of Christians
A5 Destruction Of All Holiness
A6 In A Storm Of Hate And Hunger
A7 The Rise Of Shub-Niggurath
A8 Outro: Massive Goat Attack


  • Drums – Lord Titan
  • Guitar – Katal , Necrodevil
  • Vocals – Necrodevil


Limited to 81 copies.