Harakiri For The Sky - Wooden Tape Box Set

  • Artist: Harakiri For The Sky
  • Category: Rock
  • Name: Wooden Tape Box Set
  • Size: 1102mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


Harakiri For The Sky
A1 Lungs Filled With Water 7:50
A2 02:19 AM, Psychosis 7:37
A3 From Yesterday To Ashes 7:01
B1 Drown In My Nihilism 6:52
B2 Dancing On Debris 8:09
B3 Shadowman 6:21
C1 My Bones To The Sea 7:51
C2 Jhator 6:39
C3 Homecoming: Denied! 8:06
C4 69 Dead Birds For Utøya 7:04
C5 Parting 7:44
D1 Burning From Both Ends 6:02
D2 Panoptycon 7:18
D3 Nailgarden 7:04
D4 Gallows (Give 'Em Rope) 6:08
D5 Mad World 5:29


The hand-numbered wooden box includes "Harakiri For The Sky" on metallic grey pro-tape and "Aokigahara" on black/white pro-tape in hand-made canvas cloth casings, a high quality woven patch, a symbol metallic pin, 2 autographed cards, a real carrion crow feather, pine cones, twigs and leaves.