Joxfield Projex - Black

  • Artist: Joxfield Projex
  • Category: Jazz
  • Name: Black
  • Size: 1492mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3

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A.01 Contribution 2 2:51
A.02 Meow 3:15
A.03 Dangerous Snowflakes 6:12
A.04 Contribution 4 2:20
A.05 Bow and Throne 3:52
A.06 Dance Of The Desolated 2:49
A.07 Condolence Breakdown 7:56
A.08 Contextual Communication 2:08
A.09 Breaking News 1:04
A.10 Entitled 11:32
B.01 Untitled Cold 6:30
B.02 Scared Camel 1:26
B.03 Kenji Insane Asylum
Voice, Lyrics By – Kenji Siratori
B.04 One Trebor
Electric Guitar, Composed By – Makoto KawabataVocals, Composed By – Cotton Casino
B.05 After The Dogfight 2:55
B.06 Contribution 5 3:24
B.07 Travelling Alone 4:55
B.08 And I Am Happy Here 1:52
B.09 Be Careful With That Crowbar Eugene 12:13
C.01 Sketch 8:06
C.02 The Ono Samples 1
Alto Saxophone, Composed By – Ryoko Ono
C.03 Black Night Drone 9:06
C.04 Drinking Tea On A Calm Day 5:18
C.05 The Innocent Dreamer 14:00
D.01 Amber Snow - Yellow Rain
Voice, Composed By – Cotton Casino
D.02 Fourth Movement January 7 1973 Replica
Voice, Composed By – Cotton Casino
D.03 Hickory Stories 3:06
D.04 Humans Scan - The Remnants 8:20
D.05 Second Flight Slowly Over Goptata 4:24
D.06 Voice Of The Desolated 3:23
D.07 We Are The Machine 4:00
D.08 Wanna Rock'n'Roll 9:07


  • Composed By, Producer, Instruments, Programmed By, Arranged By – Janne Yan Andersson
  • Composed By, Producer, Instruments, Sampler, Arranged By – Stefan Oax Ek


All music written and perfomed by Janne Yan Andersson & Stefan Oax Ek 2007-2017
Words and sung melodies written and performed by Cotton Casino (B.04, D.01, D.02)
Bow guitar solo composed and played by Makoto Kawabata (B.04)
Alto saxophone solo composed and played by Ryoko Ono (C.02)
Words written and spoken by Kenji Siratori (B.03)
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This is Joxfield ProjeX' premiere album on Bandcamp