Ken Moore - Inflectional Stimulus

  • Artist: Ken Moore
  • Category: Electronic
  • Name: Inflectional Stimulus
  • Size: 993mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


A1 Dream In E/C 7:55
A2 Album Leaf 9:15
A3 Synergistic Relationship 3:50
A4 System 001 1:10
A5 Oche De Leah 12:30
A6 Tempus Fugit 9:50
Loubi Stem (20:40)
B1a Any Sense At All 7:30
B1b Recessive Regression 13:10
B2 Invasion Of Continuum 21:00


c90 tape combining Tempus Fugit (AC02) and Loubi Stem (AC08), the latter as a slightly revised 1982 version.

Branded cassette, comes in a standard cassette case. Covers are photocopies. Track inserts are individually hand written by Ken Moore.