Bruxomania - Friends of the Devil

  • Artist: Bruxomania
  • Category: Electronic
  • Name: Friends of the Devil
  • Size: 1130mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1 The Grateful Dead Exposed: Satanists of the Worst Kind
2 Precursor: Operation Artichoke
3 Ken Kesey, Robert Hunter, and Theodore Kazcynzki
4 Operation Midnight Climax
5 Laurel Canyon Illumination (Not That Simple)
6 Red, White, and Blue, and Orange Sunshine
7 The Three Men I Admire Most: Jesse Helms, J. Edgar Hoover, and Jerry Garcia
8 Prominent Black Panthers Seen Smoking Cigars With Richard Nixon
9 Jim Morrison: A Spy In the House of Peace and Love (Light My Wiretap)
10 The Time of the Season For Brainwashing
11 John Philip's First Wife
12 David Crosby's Guilt Leads Him To Crippling Crack Cocaine Addiction
13 Future Conspiracies Concocted In Black Rock City
14 They Killed Jerry
15 Bob Weir Part One: Public Lies
16 Bob Weir Part Two: The Man With 10,000 Child Corneas Implanted Under The Skin Of His Forehead
17 The World Never Changes No Matter How Hard You Try


Digital release and made to order CDr